Virtual Reality


You definitely have to try our Oculus VR headset at least once.

  1. Get it from the bookshelf.

  2. Find a 5x5’ place to use it so you won’t bump into anything while in the virtual reality. The beanbag area is ideal.

  3. Press the small button on the side of the headset to turn it on. If the battery’s dead, there’s a charging cable.

  4. Put the headset on your head but not over your eyes yet.

  5. Grab the two controllers (they’re marked Left & Right) and pull the headset down.

  6. There may be an initial step where it maps out the area you’re in.

  7. If it’s your first time, choose Home and try the First Steps app.

If you’re stuck and need to get back to the main screen, there’s a square home button on the right controller. Hold it down.