3D Printing

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How to Print a Design

  1. From the 3D printing computer, go to Polar3D.

  2. If not signed in, click the button near the top-right and sign in using the cafe Google account.

  3. Click the Upload button to upload an STL file or click on an existing design.

  4. Click 3D PRINT.

  5. Turn on the printer. The power button is on the right side, near the back, at the bottom.

  6. In Settings, make sure it’s set to draft or specific settings for particular material. (If the site won’t advance to the next step, resetting to draft should fix it.)

  7. Click PRINT near the top-right.

  8. Click START.

  9. The printer takes a few minutes to heat up and then will start printing your design.

  10. Keep the door closed until the print finishes.

  11. Open the door. Squeeze the front centre of the build plate and slow pull it out.

  12. You can gently bend the build plate to help the design pop off.

  13. Slide the build plate back into the printer until it clicks. Close the door.

  14. Turn off the printer if no one else will be using it.

Where to Get Designs

  1. Thingiverse

  2. Download the STL file for the piece you want.

  3. Then upload it to Polar3D above. Your file will be in the Downloads folder.

Where to Make Your Own Designs

How to Get a Design onto the Cafe Mac

If your design’s on your own computer, you can email it to cafe3dprinter@gmail.com Then on the cafe Mac, go into its gmail and download the file there.

How to Switch Filament

  1. Open compartment on the right side of the 3D printer.

  2. Ensure the printer is on.

  3. Tap Filament on the printer’s touch screen.

  4. Tap Change.

  5. Wait for the extruder to heat. When the touchscreen says it’s ready, roll the filament spool counter clcokwise by hand until the filament is out of the extruder.

  6. Put on the other spool. Feed the filament into where the yellow/black arrow is until you feel resistance.

  7. Press the Ok button on the touchscreen.

  8. Once the new filament starts coming out of the extruder, press the Ok button on the screen. This will take approx. a minute.